Home News CBN investigates about 55 companies over forex infractions

CBN investigates about 55 companies over forex infractions


In the midst of supported weights on Nigeria’s legitimate unfamiliar trade (forex) assets, the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has opened examinations concerning unfamiliar trade exchanges of 55 organizations and people.

The pinnacle bank connected them to unfamiliar trade bargains outside the official Investors and Exporters (I&E) window.

The I&E window was made by the CBN as the real stage for purchasing and selling of unfamiliar monetary standards.

1. Steed Nigeria Limited

2. Solem Agro Limited

3. Deekay and Sons Limited

4. Hana Nigeria Limited

5. Emel Nigeria Limited

6. Sonnex Nigeria Limited

7. Montana Nigeria Limited

8. Daraju Nigeria Limited

9. Dasco Nigeria Limited

10. Shrewd Corps Limited

11. Container Cat Nigeria Limited

12. Mustafa-Multipurpose Services

13. Olayfis Global Resources Limited

14. Buddies Interchange Concept Limited

15. 2015 Petroleum and Investments Limited

16. Manann Nigeria Limited

17. Brollo Pipe and Profile Ind. Restricted

18. Altrunk Nigeria Limited

19. Dartford Energy Services Limited

20. Worldwide Links Ventures Limited

21. Natural Integrated Associates

22. New Home Distribution (Africa)

23. ACCI Ventures (Nig) Limited

24. Dover Engineering Limited

25. John Kell and Associate Nigeria

26. Maaway Ventures Limited

27. Great Metal Enterprises

28. Medlog Logistics Services Limited

29. Interswitch Nigeria Limited (Dollar Acct)

30. Beirut Hill Construction Limited

31. CMA CGM Nigeria Shipping Limited

32. Agrinexus International Limited

33. Sylvangel Maritime Resources Limited

34. Unimer SRL Limited

35. SCIB Nigeria and Company Limited

36. Domenik LLC

37. Petro-Afrique Energy Services

38. Silver Dome Enterprises Limited

39. Ajibola Bankole Adebutu

40. Petro-Afrique Energy Services Limited

41. Steel Force Far East Limited

42. Stemcor London Trading Limited

43. Fix Nigeria Limited

44. SA Turutu International Ent

45. New Brand Metals Global Limited Ventures

46. Auto Petroleum Company Limited

47. Cavendish Mechanicals Limited

48. Aquashield Oil and Marine Limited

49. Haitch and Elf Integrated Services Limited

50. Fenog Nigeria Limited

51. Promasidor Nigeria Limited

52. Hatford Resources Nigeria Limited

53. Wear and Chyke Nigeria Limited

54. BCL Trading Services Limited

55. Omniworx Export Enterprises